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What Are The Penalties For Malicious Destruction Of Landscaping In A Motor Vehicle ("Turfing") In Michigan?


What Is Michigan's Implied Consent Law?


What Are The Traffic Laws Regarding Funeral Processions In Michigan?

3861972.pngFuneral processions are part of an age-old tradition of mourners who follow the dearly departed from the memorial site to the final resting place. Where this used to be accomplished on foot in older times, the modern funeral procession is now often a line of automobiles headed to the gravesite. This mark of respect for the dead can have the unfortunate side effect of traffic congestion and even vehicular collisions. It is important for all Michigan drivers to understand their rights and responsibilities when participating in or encountering a funeral procession on the roadway.

What Are The Rules For Passing Another Vehicle Or Bicycle On The Road In Michigan?


Michigan Voters Permitted To Take Photograph Of Ballot, But Not Other Voters, At Polling Place


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