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Efficiently And Effectively Working With Appeals

Efficiently And Effectively Working With Appeals

Cases involving appeals require time, commitment, attention to detail and ethical consideration. If you have a client that is considering appealing a verdict, we can help. We understand the complexities of appeal cases and the unique infrastructure of the process.

We Handle Attorney Referrals With Respect And Detail

At Kershaw, Vititoe & Jedinak, PLC, we want to assist fellow attorneys in the fight to achieve the goals of their clients. We have the legal knowledge, experience and ability to dissect every element in a trial record to determine creative strategies on behalf of clients as they appeal previous outcomes. When you put your client’s appeal in our hands, we work as a team to create compelling arguments and bring forth unjust errors.

We handle:

An appellate brief must be persuasively written and have a well-grounded basis in the law to show that an error likely changed the outcome of your client’s case. As fellow attorneys, we know your time is valuable, and we are here to help alleviate the burden that corresponds with appeal cases. We can efficiently assist your client with their appeal in a cost-effective manner that is beneficial and in the best interest of both you and your client.

Exceptional Knowledge And Experience With Appeal Cases

Our appeals attorney will carefully review, research and prepare an appeal. This process requires a skill set that differs from what is necessary for typical trial court. While trial attorneys must make split-second decisions, our appeals lawyer takes a considerable amount of time to labor over evidence and carefully considers every element and minute aspect to create a strong appeal.

If you have a client that would like to appeal a verdict, contact us today. Call our Monroe office at 734-636-0960 to see how we can assist you and your client. Appeal referrals from fellow counsel are our forte. We pride ourselves in our abilities to assist fellow Michigan lawyers and their clients.