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Mr. Vititoe handled my divorce mediation in a very professional and respectful manner. I felt very comfortable and confident in every step of the mediation process.

– Marybeth

Mr. Vititoe is knowledgeable, dependable, and has taken a real interest in my proceedings. He is the first person I call when I need an attorney. And I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. He has an attention to detail and sees each client as a person, rather than a paycheck.

– Teresa

Since the time I have known Matt Vititoe, I continue to be amazed by his high standards to which he holds himself accountable. Matt continually adheres to moral and ethical principles. He has a keen ability to actively listen to his clients and observe what is happening around him. He desires to seek the truth and get justice for his clients, Matt is successful in this by asking the right questions and finding the questions of why. I highly recommend Matt Vititoe to anyone in need of legal representation if you want the best, look no further. Another excellent quality that Matt possesses is if he feels he cannot give you the best legal representation for your case, he will refer you to other legal counsel more specific to your needs.

– Albra

In reference to an appellate victory:

“This was a very masterful piece of lawyering on a tough-to-win issue.”

– Assistant State Appellate Defender

In response to a criminal trial victory:

“Joel, Thank you for everything you did for me.”

– Ray

“Out of great appreciation and respect for Joel I would like to share with everyone what a great job he has done and I’m sure would do for anyone else. Joel Kershaw is a very respectable person and lawyer. He always went the extra mile for me and remained attentive and concerned with my case, situation, and needs therein. Joel also did whatever possible to remove stress from the situation on my behalf. It would be a great decision and opportunity to acquire Joel as your counsel.

Thank you Joel Kershaw for your exemplary services.”

– Milo