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Pursuing Justice With Felony Appeals

Everyone accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur throughout the criminal process. In a felony case, judges can make mistakes in pretrial rulings. A pretrial error may lead to a plea agreement based upon evidence that was improperly obtained. In a felony trial, unfair testimony may be presented to the jury. Evidentiary errors during the course of a trial can adversely impact the outcome. A criminal sentence imposed after a plea is entered or a verdict is rendered can overexaggerate the offense. Fortunately, a person convicted of a crime is given a limited amount of time to appeal the conviction or sentence to correct an unjust result.

Knowledge And Experience Matter In A Criminal Appeal

Not all attorneys have the knowledge and experience to effectively handle a felony criminal appeal. The skill set required to review, research and prepare an appeal is quite different than what is necessary in the trial court. For instance, trial attorneys must make split-second decisions concerning whether to object to evidence. An appellate lawyer needs to have the skills to examine the minute details in the pretrial and trial records to identify errors that require re-examination in a higher court.

An effective felony appeals lawyer must have a strong command of criminal procedure and the law to recognize the kinds of mistakes that will support a compelling argument that the errors were unjust. An appellate brief must be persuasively written with a well-grounded basis in the law to show that an error likely changed the outcome of the case.

At Kershaw, Vititoe & Jedinak, PLC, in Monroe, Michigan, we take the law seriously. We have the legal knowledge, experience and ability to dissect every element in a trial record to determine what went wrong — including any improper action taken by your trial lawyer, unjust rulings by the judge or any potential misconduct committed by the jury. We handle the difficult post-conviction and appellate matters that other criminal lawyers are not equipped to address.

Act Now To Protect Your Right To Appeal

If you or a loved one received an unfair conviction or the felony sentence imposed exaggerates the level of the offense, do not give up hope. Our Monroe County criminal appeals lawyer is here to help. Call 734-636-0960 or contact us online to arrange a consultation to learn more about your right to appeal. If you are an attorney, we gladly take referrals for all criminal, family and civil appeals.