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July 2019 Archives

Can A Wrongfully Imprisoned Person In Michigan Sue For Compensation?

Who May Be Appointed The Guardian Of A Legally Incapacitated Individual In Michigan?

Michigan Supreme Court Holds Expert Witnesses May Not Vouch For Complainant's Truthfulness In Sexual Assault Cases

Michigan Supreme Court Rules Candidate Not Barred From Seeking Elective Office Despite Felony Conviction During Tribal Public Service

U.S. Supreme Court Sets Limits On State's Power To Tax A Trust

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Warrantless Blood Draw From Unconscious Motorist After DUI Stop

President Trump Signs Taxpayers First Act Of 2019 Into Law For IRS Reform

Michigan Supreme Court Holds Respondents Can Appeal Issues From All Stages of Child Protective Proceeding After Termination Of Parental Rights

What Are The Inheritance Rights Of The Second Spouse If The Will Left Everything To The First Spouse?

What Are The Penalties For Possessing, Manufacturing, Distributing and Using Methamphetamine In Michigan?


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