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Property Law

What Is A Notice of Lis Pendens In Michigan?

  A notice of lis pendens is a legal document recorded in the chain of title to real property at the local register of deeds that gives notice to everyone that said property is the subject matter of a lawsuit.  Specifically, it is designed to warn any potential...

What Is A Fiduciary Deed In Michigan?

  A fiduciary deed is a type of property deed used to convey real estate when the actual owner can’t sign the deed for reasons such as death or disability.  A “fiduciary” is a person authorized to sign a deed in place of the person or entity that owns the real...

What Is A “Lion Cub” Deed?

  A controversial topic in Michigan estate planning is the use of a “lion cub” deed as a method to transfer property to others while accomplishing three major goals simultaneously: probate avoidance, property tax uncapping, and minimizing Medicaid divestment...

What is a Quitclaim Deed In Michigan?

  If you own a parcel of real estate in Michigan, you likely have a written deed in your possession that formally conveys title to you.  This document contains the name of the grantors and grantees of the property, the legal description of the real estate, and...

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